ACT Expands Mobile Vaccination Program to Shopping Mall

A shopping mall becomes another target of Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta to open their mobile vaccination booth. It is done in order to expand the reach of the community in accessing the vaccination location.

Mobile Vaccination.
Mobile Vaccination booth by ACT and DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in Pejaten Village, South Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Now, residents of DKI Jakarta no longer need to worry about vaccine access. It is because ACT’s Humanity Medical Services (HMS) team collaborated with the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta continues to expand its Mobile Vaccination reach by opening a vaccination booth in a shopping mall.

The mall targeted by Mobile Vaccination is Pejaten Village in Jati Padang Village, Pasar Minggu District, South Jakarta. Since early morning, hundreds of vaccine participants have lined up to receive Pfizer vaccine shot.

ACT’s HMS team and the healthcare workers from Pasar Minggu Health Center sprightly served the residents who have been registered on JAKI (Jakarta Kini) application or directly came to the registration counter.

Alhamdulillah, Mobile Vaccination service continues to reach more public facilities including shopping malls. This is our effort to encourage people especially in DKI Jakarta, that not only an entertainment place, shopping malls can also facilitate people to receive vaccine shots,” said Head of ACT’s HMS, Dr. Arini Retno Sekar Palupi, Thursday (10/14/2021).

Arini encourages people to no longer need to worry and be afraid to be vaccinated since it is one of the effective ways to break the chain of the Covid-19. "Let's remind each other to our family members, relatives, and friends to immediately vaccinate. Insha Allah, this is our endeavor to accelerate herd immunity," added Arini.[]