ACT Gives A New House for Sholeh and His Family

After completing the medical assistance for Sholeh (7), ACT gave a new house for Sholeh and his family.

Sholeh (left) stands in front of his new house from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Sholeh is now seven years old. Even though he is relatively young, the eighth child of the Roro and Kosim couple has passed various tests in life. He was born with no Anal Atresia. At the age of two days, Sholeh had to be taken to Doctor Soekarjo Hospital, Tasikmalaya City, for colostomy surgery.

The artificial hole in Sholeh's body is not the same as in general, which uses a colostomy bag. For disposal, Sholeh uses an old cloth that is tied to Sholeh's stomach so that stool does not fall during activities.

At the age of two, Sholeh was taken to a hospital in Bandung for further treatment. Unfortunately, he had to return to Tasikmalaya because of limited funds for treatment.

For seven years, Sholeh had to endure conditions like he was only two days old before Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tasikmalaya came to help Sholeh. ACT provided medical assistance for Sholeh. Finally, in 2020, Sholeh underwent a surgical procedure to correct his Anal Atresia.

“The economic condition of Sholeh's parents is poor. His father works odd jobs with uncertain income and has to raise many children. Meeting daily needs is still hard let alone medical expenses for Sholeh,” explained Fauzi Ridwan from ACT Tasikmalaya Program team.

After providing medical assistance for Sholeh, ACT Tasikmalaya provided a new house for Sholeh's family. Currently, they officially live in their new place. Fauzi added, continuing support for Sholeh and his family came from the Generous Friends.

House of Sholeh’s family before renovation. (ACTNews/Rimayanti)

Previously, Sholeh, his parents, and siblings lived in a stilt house that had been weathered by age and prone to collapse. Meanwhile, the house was the only shelter for a family of many people.

“Thank you to everyone who has helped us as a family, starting from Sholeh's medical treatment to the construction of a new house. May Allah bless all of us," said Kosim, Sholeh's father.[]