ACT Helps Evacuees in Wamena to Return

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) accommodates the return of a number of migrants in Wamena to their respective hometowns. On Thursday (3/10), ACT will transport 97 West Sumatrans in Wamena back to their homes.

ACT Helps Evacuees in Wamena to Return' photo
Thousands of residents of Wamena took refuge in safer places, such as houses of worship, government offices, and military facilities. (ACTNews / Akbar)

ACTNews, JAYAPURA - Hundreds of people from Wamena are still evacuating to Sentani, Jayapura Regency. The evacuees also included hundreds of migrants from various regions in Indonesia. Most of them hope to return to their respective hometowns.

Director of Social Network Corporation (SNC) - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Wahyu Novyan says, ACT seeks to accommodate the return of some of the evacuees given the high demand of the evacuees to return to their respective hometowns. "Here, we see that the evacuees want to return to their places of origins. This is what we are trying to facilitate," Wahyu explained, Wednesday (10/2).

Wahyu explains, ACT will dispatch 97 evacuees from Papua to West Sumatra on Thursday (10/3) morning using commercial airplanes from Sentani airport in Jayapura, Papua, to Padang in West Sumatra in two flights. "We prioritize mothers and toddlers, pregnant women, as well as the elderly to be dispatched first.”

Evacuees received lunch packages at Kodim 1702/Jayawijaya, Monday (9/30). (ACTNews/ Akbar).

According to Wahyu, until Wednesday (10/2), over a thousand West Sumatran migrants in Wamena arrived in Sentani, Jayapura. They are scattered in a number of evacuation points such as mosques, churches, houses of their relatives who came from the same hometown, police stations, and military facilities.

ACT will also help the return of evacuees from other regions. Wahyu adds, ACT is trying to assist evacuees from other provinces. "We are trying to find other means of transportation, such as ships, to help evacuees from Sulawesi," said Wahyu.

Meanwhile, Aan Saputra of West Sumatra ACT Program Team says the arrival of refugees will be welcomed by a number of West Sumatran government officials. "ACT West Sumatra team will also wait for the arrival of the evacuees at the airport. We will also hold a press conference," explained Aan.

In addition to West Sumatra, a number of ACT branches are also assisting evacuees from Wamena who are returning to their hometowns. On Tuesday (10/1), two evacuees from the Wamena arrived at the ACT South Sulawesi Office. On Wednesday (10/2) afternoon, ACT Malang was preparing to welcome the arrival of the evacuees from Wamena who were scheduled to land on Lanud DAAU Abdul Rachman Saleh Malang. []


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