ACT Helps Simpang Empat Village Devastated by Fire

ACT Helps Simpang Empat Village Devastated by Fire

ACTNews, NORTH ACEH – Terrible fire happened in Aceh. The fire began from a stove explosion in a shophouse in Simpang Empat Village, Simpang Kramat Sub-district, North Aceh, spread to the LPG shop nearby. It then quickly burned many of the shophouses in that village, on Saturday (27/1). Fifty nine shophouses dwelled by 66 families were burned, while more than 200 people were displaced.

The buildings which were mostly made of wood were quickly consumed by fire. In minutes, the fire burned down the shophouses compound. The people living there had no chance to save anything but themselves and the clothes they were wearing.

On Sunday (28/1), ACT’s Emergency Response Team together with INdonesia Volunteer Society (MRI) Aceh went to the disaster location. Kausar, an MRI volunteer who participated in the rescue, said that more than 200 people were displaced. The refugees consist of 181 adults, 30 children and 17 toddlers.

“Most of them are staying in the house of their relatives and neighbors. Only few of them stay in the refugee post,” explained Kausar.

On Wednesday (31/1), a public kitchen was set up near the refugee post. Prepared meals were cooked to supply the needs of the refugees.

Uniform donation for refugee children

The fire also affected many of the refugee children, who are mostly students. The disaster that ruined their houses also burned down their uniforms and school supplies. Therefore, around 90 students were unable to go to school on the next day.

MRI-ACT team distributed uniform donation for elementary school students. The donation that was distributed on Wednesday (28/1) was happily welcomed by the afflicted villagers.

“Alhamdulillah, we thank ACT team for giving school uniforms to our children who also became the victims of the fire disaster. We hope that there will be other donations, since all of their school supplies were unable to be saved,” said Hamid, a local villager, representing other parents.

Meanwhile, Laila Khalidah of ACT Aceh Program Team stated that the refugees are still in need of other donations such as groceries, clothes, and especially school supplies.

“An opportunity to help our afflicted brethren is open. ACT Banda Aceh is available for anyone who wish to donate for the victims of fire disaster in Simpang Empat village. Insha Allah, ACT will gradually distribute the aid to the victims of fire disaster in Simpang Empat,” concluded Laila. []     


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