ACT Holds Humanitarian Action with LAZ IP Jeranjang in West Lombok

ACT continues to hold humanitarian programs in various parts of the country. ACT and LAZ IP Jeranjang distributed food packages for the elderly, orphans, and Muslim preachers.

Inaq Nyoret
Inaq Nyoret, one of the beneficiaries of the food package distribution by ACT and LAZ IP Jeranjang. (ACTNews/Dheo Kukuh)

ACTNews, WEST LOMBOK – Towards the end of June, Aksi Cepat Tanggap West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) had the opportunity to visit Jeranjang Hamlet, Taman Ayu Village, Gerung District. The hamlet is located on the coast of West Lombok. Most of the residents are the elderly and orphans. This area has many social and economic problems.

In response to these problems, ACT distributed food packages to residents of Jeranjang Hamlet. The beneficiaries were the underprivileged elderly and orphans. In addition, financial assistance for preachers is also provided through Friends of Indonesian Muslim Preachers program with support from LAZ IP Jeranjang.

One of the beneficiaries, Inaq Nyoret, expressed her gratitude to the benefactors for the assistance provided. She did not expect there were still people who cared about her even though she lives in a coastal area and far from the center of the crowd. 

Amaq Kartini, a preacher in Jeranjang, hopes more people can pay attention to the Quran teachers in Lombok and other areas throughout Indonesia. Many teachers and preachers only have good intentions to serve in developing the community.

The coordinator program of ACT West Nusa Tenggara Hari Prima Ahmadi said that the act of kindness held in Jeranjang was a collaboration with LAZ IP Jeranjang. The funds came from the Zakat of employees which were implemented through ACT in the ring one of PLTU Jeranjang. "This action is a real manifestation of kindness that is present for the residents," said Hari.