ACT Langsa Collaborates with University Students to Distribute Food Packages

The implementation of Free Food Operation for communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic in Langsa involved students of three universities. This is an example of collaboration between fellow Indonesians in handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

opg act langsa
Students and ACT Langsa jointly distribute food packages to communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANGSA – Embracing all elements of the nation to help each other is the key to dealing with this pandemic. This is the reason behind the collaboration between Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Langsa and three higher education institutions in Langsa City, namely Cut Nyak Dien University (USCND), Samudera University (Unsam), and IAIN Langsa in the Free Food Operation program.

The activity was carried out for five consecutive days from July 31 to August 4, 2021 in Langsa Timur, Langsa Lama, and Langsa Baro Districts. Hundreds of people from underprivileged communities received food packages.

"Food packages containing rice, tea, cooking oil, and sugar were distributed to communities affected by the Covid-19 pandemic," said Fahmi from ACT Langsa program department, Wednesday (8/4/2021).

President of USCND Student Union Zahwa says many families must be assisted with their basic needs during the pandemic. What USCND and ACT have done, although it is small, has enormous benefits for the people who received it.

"Hopefully, this will be an inspiration for the wider community to be moved to help others in need," he said.

The President of Unsam Student Union Dwi Setiawan also said the same thing. According to him, it was difficult to distribute food packages to the community. "The difficulty to distribute food packages is not because of the number of packages but because it is difficult to choose the most appropriate recipients," he said. ACT’s participation was very helpful due to its experience in the field of humanitarianism.

Head of the student union of IAIN Langsa Muhammad Alqia says there are still many Langsa residents in need. The OPG program which was carried out with ACT, USCND, and Unsam is expected to be able to mobilize the wider community to take part in similar actions so that more assistance can be given to the community.

"Hopefully if this can be a continuous action that can link between families who have excess wealth and families who are needy or have difficulty meeting their basic needs, “explained Alqia.

ACT Langsa Coordinator Mursyid thanked the donors and the university students who have helped distribute the food packages. He invites all elements of the nation to help families in need through[]