ACT Langsa Launches Waqf for MSMEs to Support Local Economy

Global Wakaf – ACT Langsa officially launched Waqf for MSMEs, a program that aims at economic recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

waqf for msmes
Handing over of assistance to Muslim preachers at the launch of the Waqf for MSMEs in Langsa. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, LANGSA – On Thursday (10/14/2021), Global Wakaf - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Langsa launched Waqf for MSMEs that aims to overcome the impact of the pandemic on small businesses. The launch of this program was attended by representatives of the Langsa regional government, ACT Langsa, and the beneficiaries who received business assistance.

Waqf for MSMEs is a business capital assistance program for small and micro businesses funded by waqf donated by the community managed by Global Wakaf – ACT. The beneficiaries will receive business capital assistance without having to pay any interest.

The Waqf for MSMEs program was warmly welcomed by the local government. The Deputy Mayor of Langsa, Marzuki Hamid, hoped that ACT Langsa can garner even greater philanthropic awareness in Langsa as the benefit will return to the community in the form of assistance or economic stimuli.

ACT Langsa Branch Manager Ryanda Saputra explained that the Waqf for MSMEs and other programs that ACT initiated cannot be separated from the community’s contribution because the collected donations in the form of zakat, waqf, and voluntary donations will result in more acts of kindness.

“The Waqf for MSMEs program does not only provide business capital but also mentoring. So far, it has benefitted the community because the program does not only support the economy but also the spirit of generosity,” explained Randa.

At the launch of Waqf for MSMEs, ACT Langsa also handed over assistance to local Muslim preachers in Langsa. []