ACT Launches "Beras Untuk Santri Indonesia" Program to Support Indonesian Islamic Students

On the occasion of the National Santri Day, Aksi Cepat Tanggap launched the Beras Untuk Santri Indonesia (Rice for Indonesian Santris) Program.

ACT Launches "Beras Untuk Santri Indonesia" Program to Support Indonesian Islamic Students' photo
Aksi Cepat Tanggap gave rice to the students from Nuu Waar Islamic Boarding School in Bekasi during the launching of the "Beras Untuk Santri Indonesia" program in Aksi Cepat Tanggap Head Office in South Jakarta, Tuesday (ACTNews/Muhajir Arif)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – On the National Santri Day, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) launched the "Beras Untuk Santri Indonesia (BERISI)" program, Tuesday (10/22) at the ACT office, South Jakarta. Through this program, ACT endeavors to support the food needs of the students.

Chairman of ACT’s Biard of Trustees Ahyudin stated, this endeavor was a form of concern from ACT and the benefactors for the santris, or the Muslim students who had significant roles for Islam and Indonesia. "We feel we have to do something about the santri community. On this National Santri day on October 22, we reflect on the world of santri that is identical with Indonesia," Ahyudin said.

Based on Ahyudin's experience, he often found the the santris living in a poor condition. There are still many santris in Islamic boarding schools, known as pesantren, who only eat once a day. Not to mention, the pesantren has become an institution that often houses orphans and underprivileged children. "On this extraordinary occasion of the National Santri Day, let us seriously understand the world of santri and design our roles so that the world of santri becomes part of our lives," Ahyudin added.

Ahyudin said, one segment of poverty exists in the world of santri. Through this program, he hopes to raise the image of pesantren. "This BERISI program is expected to be an inspiration for Muslims to take part in the Indonesian santri world," he continued.

The role of the santri was also expressed by the Aksi Cepat Tanggap President Ibnu Khajar. Ibnu said many national heroes came from the santri circle. Therefore, ACT wants to commemorate National Santri Day with humanitarian actions. "We commemorate National Santri Day not just to commemorate an event, but we want to get a big inspiration from an important entity of this nation, namely santris and pesantrens," said Ibnu Khajar.

Ibnu said that 70 percent of traditional pesantrens were in poor condition. In fact, Ibnu said, students must learn many Islamic sciences and do a lot of activities every day. With very dense activities, students must have excellent health to be able to learn well. According to him, this situation must be a concern of the community, especially because santris play a role in maintaining national sovereignty, the fact that becomes the background of the commemoration of National Santri Day.

"We deeply respect the kyai and religious teachers in the pesantrens who guide and educate the students. As brothers, we want to help," explained Ibnu.

ACT Program Director Wahyu Novyan said, the distribution of rice for the santris would first be carried out on Wednesday (10/23). The first area targeted for the rice distribution was the pesantrens in West Java.

"This week, we prepared 100 tons of rice for 100 pesantrens. We have assessed the pesantrens in 10 to 12 provinces. Our volunteers are ready to visit nearby pesantrens," Wahyu said.

ACT has recorded a number of pesantrens in Banten, West Java, DKI, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Aceh, Jambi, South Sumatra and West Kalimantan. Wahyu also said that a number of pesantrens that were targeted in Sumatra and Kalimantan were pesantrens that are affected by the smoke haze.

Ustaz Fadlan Rabbany Garamatan. a Papuan-born Ustaz who was present at the launching of the BERISI program expressed his support. He said that the generous support to strengthen the food security of the santris would be an invaluable charity. "One grain of rice will be energy for the santris," he said. []