ACT Launches Humanity Care Line Service in Garut

Humanity Care Line service has officially launched by ACT in Garut. This service provides food assistance for underprivileged residents affected by the pandemic. To access the service, people can contact ACT Garut by dialing 62852-2281-4593.

Humanity Care Line service has officially launched by ACT in Garut.
A volunteer of Humanity Bikers delivers a food package from Humanity Care Line service. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GARUT – ACT’s Humanity Care Line service has operated in many regions in Indonesia. On Thursday (8/5/2021), the service was launched in Garut by ACT Garut.

Acep Yahya from ACT Garut Program Team says that through this program, residents who need assistance can dial 62852-2281-4593. Assistance can be requested by call or through WhatsApp message. Later, the caller will be connected to ACT Garut team to verify the caller’s data.

Apart from requesting by phone, food package assistance can also be requested by filling up an online form If the team approves the caller to receive assistance from ACT, then the food package will be delivered immediately to the recipient’s house by Humanity Bikers.

“This is our effort to ease the burden of Garut residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic especially during the enforcement of PPKM policy. People who work in informal sectors are in difficulty earning their income. Thus, it’s also difficult for them to meet their food needs,” said Acep, Sunday (8/8/2021).

Acep continues that the service also assists self-isolating Garut residents in their respective houses including Ai Teti, a Kota Kulon Resident who is the family’s breadwinner.

“I can’t go to work and feed my family. Therefore, I call this ACT service so that my children and I can eat. Alhamdulillah, ACT really delivered the food assistance to my house. Thank you ACT and the benefactors,” explained Teti.[]