ACT Malang Produces 1,000 Bottles of Free Hand Sanitizer

ACT Malang produced hand sanitizer that was packed in 1,000 bottles for hospitals in Malang as well as the public in general.

ACT Malang handed over hand sanitizer bottles to healthcare workers in Saiful Anwar Hospital, Saturday (3/28). (ACTNews/Fathoni)

ACTNews, MALANG - As the number of COVID-19 patients in Indonesia increase, the need for medical supplies is increasing, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), disinfectant, and hand sanitizer. In Malang, many hospitals, especially referral hospitals for COVID-19 patients, are in need of PPE and hand sanitizer.

ACT Malang helped fulfill the needs of medical workers in a number of hospitals in Malang. They produced hand sanitizer to be distributed to a number of hospitals. They decided to make their own hand sanitizer due to the scarcity of hand sanitizer in the market.

"Even the materials for making hand sanitizers are also scarce. We try to look for these materials in various places, until finally there are still shops selling hand sanitizer materials," said Iqrok Wahyu Perdana from ACT Malang’s Program Department.

The hand sanitizer liquid that has been produced was then packaged into 250 ml bottles. In total, there were 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer ready to be distributed to a number of hospitals and other public facilities.

"On Saturday (3/28), we immediately distributed the first 500 bottles to Saiful Anwar Hospital in Malang City, the referral hospital for COVID-19 patients. Insha Allah, the remaining hundreds of bottles will be distributed to several other hospitals that are in dire need. So far, we have received many requests from hospitals because their supplies of hand sanitizer are running low," Iqrok explained.

Branch Manager of ACT Malang Diki Taufik Sidik added that the making and distribution of the hand sanitizer was supported by the benefactors who care for others in this COVID-19 emergency.

"This is a humanitarian collaboration. Communities, individuals, institutions, all work together to fight COVID-19. Hopefully, this hand sanitizer assistance can be useful for medical workers and the public in general," concluded Diki. []