ACT Medical Team Visits Gazans' Houses to Provide Free Health Services

Not only providing health services at the clinic but ACT's medical team in Gaza also provides home care services for free.

The Gazans
The Gazans receive home care services from the ACT medical team. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – ACT’s Indonesian Clinic medical team in Gaza provides home care services for Gaza residents. Through this service, patients will receive health care at home.

Since this service launched, hundreds of patients have been treated. Firdaus Guritno from ACT's Global Humanity Response team explained that moderate pain or injuries patients received home care services. "If there are patients who are seriously ill, they will be sent to the clinic for more intensive treatment," he said on Friday (8/13/2021).

The medical team also brings a pre-hospital ambulance provided by Generous Friends during each visit to the patient's home. Many patients received treatment in the ambulance.

“Some residents who ended up being treated in ambulances had various complaints such as gunshot wounds, amputation wounds, and various diseases such as heart problems and diabetes. With qualified pre-hospital ambulance equipment, paramedics can provide the best service for patients,” explained Firdaus.

Firdaus also says that this action is an effort to maximize the recovery of Gaza after the Israeli Zionist attack last May. To support this effort, ACT continues to add ambulance units operating in Gaza. At least 11 ambulances have been serving in each governorate in Gaza.

The number of Indonesian clinics has also increased. Previously, there was only one clinic. Now, there are five operating clinics. These five clinics can provide free medical services and medicines to at least 5,000 patients every month.[]