ACT, MRI Evacuate Residents of Flood-Hit Tabalong

Tabalong Regency of South Kalimantan was hit by flood on Saturday (11/28). ACT and MRI volunteers were deployed to the area to help the locals evacuate and to set up a public kitchen.

ACT, MRI Evacuate Residents of Flood-Hit Tabalong' photo
Volunteers evacuate the residents trapped by flood in Tabalong. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TABALONG - The rain that hit Tabalong Regency for two days caused flooding in Murung Pudak on Saturday (11/28). Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) volunteers in Tabalong and Balangan Regency reported that the flood was caused by the overflowing of Tabalong River. Several neighborhoods were submerged in water as high as an adult’s waist.

ACT and MRI immediately sent an emergency response team to evacuate residents and set up a public kitchen in Tanta Village, Tabalong on Sunday (11/29). "In fact, there are emergency posts for residents affected by the flood. Sadly, we don’t have enough personnel to man these posts. We can’t optimally assist the flood victims," said Muhammad Arsyad, Coordinator of the Disaster Emergency Response (DER) Team.

Fifty houses were submerged, and 150 residents evacuated. MRI Tabalong volunteersworked together with rescue personnel from other institutions to evacuate the residents to safety.

Arsyad confirmed on Sunday afternoon that the flood had receded. He hoped that the weather condition will be better so as not to cause further natural disasters. Residents are also asked to remain vigilant, especially when it rains heavily for a long time.

Currently, the flood-affected residents are in need of help, including food, clothing, and sleeping mats. "ACT South Kalimantan invites everyone, especially in South Kalimantan, to care for others," invited the ACT South Kalimantan Branch Manager Zainal Arifin.

In 2020, South Kalimantan has been repeatedly hit by floods following heavy rains. In July, floods hit three regencies in South Kalimantan, namely Kotabaru, Tanah Bumbu and Tanah Laut. Thousands of houses were flooded and the locals evacuated.

ACT responds to natural disasters by not only sending rescue personnel but also various kinds of aid funded by the community through the Indonesia Dermawan website. []