ACT Overcomes Stunting and Malnutrition Through OGAI in Many Regions

To overcome stunting in Indonesia, ACT massively educates and conducts Indonesian Child Nutrition Operations in many areas. It hopes the stunting rate in children will decrease, and Indonesian children will be free from stunting.

Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation
Students of Islamic Elementary School (MIS) Darussalam enthusiastically participate in the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, BANJARBARU, BEKASI, PADANG, NORTH ACEH – Stunting is a health problem that haunts children in Indonesia. The reason is that the child lacks a balanced nutritional intake.

Aksi Cepat Tanggap massively educates and provides food with balanced nutrition to elementary school children in several areas. Through the Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI) program, ACT and communities want to solve the stunting problem in the future.

On Thursday (25/11/2021), ACT held an OGAI program at Integrated Islamic Elementary School (SDIT) Nurul Fikri, Banjarbaru City. Astri Hidayah, the principal of SDIT Nurul Fikri, welcomed the OGAI program initiated by ACT. According to her, OGAI provided students with an understanding that nutrition is crucial for their growth and development.

"Alhamdulillah, the students are happy. Now, they understand the importance of having a healthy and nutritious breakfast before school. OGAI activities coupled with a healthy breakfast have a positive impact on students," said Astri.

Apart from Banjarbaru, ACT also held OGAI program at Islamic Elementary School (MI) Miftahul Hidayah, Pondok Gede, Bekasi City. Imas, the Principal of MI Hidayah, was grateful for the OGAI program carried out by ACT. 

“ACT pays attention to schools not only in terms of buildings but human resources, especially students. I want to thank the donors and ACT. Hopefully, what ACT has done will become a charity of worship for all of us,” he said.

ACT also provided cloth assistance for teachers from the Ranti Muslim clothing product in commemoration of National Teacher's Day 2021.

In Aceh, ACT held an OGAI program at PrivateIslamic Elementary School (MIS) Darussalam, Gampong Abeuk Reuling, Sawang District, North Aceh. ACT team distributed 100 nutritious food packages consisting of mung bean porridge, carbohydrates, vitamins, milk, and fruits.

Indonesian Child Nutrition Operation (OGAI) program in Bekasi. (ACTNews)

"Alhamdulillah, on Teacher's Day 2021, we are happy. ACT Lhokseumawe visited us to distribute nutritious food for students. Thank you ACT for giving blessings to our students here,” said Asmaul Husna as the principal of MIS Darussalam School.

In addition, ACT Padang team also carried out the OGAI program at Public Elementary School (SDN) 28 Korong Gadang, Kuranji Village, Padang. Atika, a teacher at SDN 28 Korong Gadang, appreciated ACT’s OGAI program. She hopes this program will continue in the future. Hence, more people will care about child nutrition issues.

"In addition to providing nutrition, they are also educated on the importance of nutrition for growth and development. It makes the students more enthusiastic about going to school," she said. She also encouraged all teachers in Indonesia to continue to give their best and build a good character with the students.[]