ACT Palestine and Generous Friends Construct 8 Waqf Wells During Ramadan

ACT continues to receive generous alms during Ramadan. This Ramadan, ACT Palestine and Generous Friends built eight Waqf Wells through this charity.

Waqf Well
During Ramadan, Gazans successfully construct eight units of Waqf Well. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – ACT-Global Wakaf constructed eight Waqf Wells in Gaza, Palestine, during the month of Ramadan 1443 AH. According to Firdaus Guritno of ACT's Global Humanity Network team, this is clear evidence of the Indonesian people's generosity in reducing the clean water crisis that is currently occurring in Gaza.

The team constructed eight Waqf Wells throughout Gaza, including the south, central, and north areas. They built most of the wells in densely populated areas. Therefore, it can reach many beneficiaries.

The areas chosen for the Waqf Well construction are also predominantly inhabited by impoverished communities that have long been troubled by water problems. 90% of the water in their area is unfit for human consumption. Most of them are poor and cannot afford clean water.

In addition to densely populated areas, the team also built the waqf well in agricultural areas during Ramadan. It aimed to help the farmers. Hence, they can water their land with water from the Waqf Well.

"During Ramadan, the construction of eight units of Waqf Wells could provide clean water to tens of thousands of Gazans. The team has ensured the water's purity because it will go through a filtering system first," Firdaus stated on Wednesday (4/3/2022).

In addition to the Waqf Well, the Humanity Water Tank makes generous efforts to end the Gaza water crisis. During Ramadan, the team distributed millions of liters of clean water through this vehicle, which visits houses every day in Gaza.

"For the Humanity Water Tank, the water also comes from Waqf Wells and Lumbung Air Wakaf hat have been built. This vehicle aims to reach clean water shortage areas. Humanity Water Tank can distribute at least 65,000 liters of water a day," explained Firdaus. []