ACT Palestine Visits and Gives Financial Assistance to Nisreen's Family

The team of ACT Palestine visited the home of Nisreen Abu Kamil’s family. She is a wife and mother with cancer and diabetes who is currently imprisoned by the Israeli authorities. During their visit, the team provided financial assistance for Kamil's family in Gaza City.

ACT Palestine
ACT Palestine team visits Nisreen Abu Kamil's residence in Gaza City. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Nisreen Abu Kamil (46) is a woman in Palestine who has been imprisoned for six years by the Israeli authorities. Nisreen's story became famous online because she was detained for no apparent reason and was battling cancer and diabetes in prison. Meanwhile, Israeli Zionists reportedly did not provide any treatment or medicine to Nisreen.

At Nisreen's house in Gaza City, her husband Hazem Abu Kamil and their children are always waiting for Nisreen to come home. Every day, they would cross out the date on the calendar hanging on the wall of their house. They count the days until the time the mother is released.

Abu Kamil's children cross out the date on the calendar to count the days until their mother is released. (Special Document)

On Monday (9/20/2021), Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Palestine team had the opportunity to visit the residence of Nisreen Abu Kamil's family. There, Hazem Abu Kamil shared that he and his children missed Nisreen much, and hoped that Nisreen would be released as soon as possible.

"We are eagerly waiting for the day of Nisreen's release from prison. Only Allah knows how much we miss her. Truly, she is a victim of injustice," said Hazem to ACT team.

During the visit, ACT Palestine team also provided living expenses to Nisreen Abu Kamil's family. Hazem, who used to work as a trolley operator, has lost his job. On the other hand, their children still desperately need money to go to school and meet their daily needs.

"I don't have enough money to buy daily necessities for my 11 family members. Currently, my children are still in school. Some are still in junior high school and elementary school. They need school supplies and money for food and drink. This year, we did not get any assistance from anyone. I also really want to repair our house, which is in poor condition. Hence, when Nisreen comes, she will find a comfortable home after living in prison for so long," explained Hazem.[]