ACT Palestine, Volunteers Clean Assodaniya Beach

Aksi Cepat Tanggap, with the help of dozens of volunteers, cleaned up garbage on Assodaniya Beach, located between Gaza City and Beit Lahia. This activity aimed not only to keep the environment clean but also to foster awareness of Gazan youth for the environment and their homes.

ACT Gaza volunteers
ACT Gaza and local volunteers clean Assodaniya Beach, Saturday (6/12/2021) (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap is not only engaged in humanitarian aid distribution but also environmental conservation. Recently, ACT Gaza involved dozens of local volunteers to clean up garbage on Assodaniya Beach located between Gaza City and Bait Lahia, Saturday (6/12/2021).

ACT Gaza Branch Manager Tahany Ahmed Qasim said that this activity marked ACT’s concern and efforts to restore Gaza following the military aggression that devastated Gaza in May.

“The beach is an important location for the people of Gaza. It is a place of recreation for the locals to relax and take a break. Therefore, the beach is an important place to be cleaned and maintained," explained Tahany.

To foster the awareness of Gazan youth for their environment and their home, ACT Gaza involved local youth volunteers. "ACT's humanitarian actions are a platform for them to channel their care and time for their homeland," she added.

The Gazan youth involved in this activity was very much excited. They eagerly swept and picked up garbage on Assodaniya Beach. They also use heavy equipment to transport the garbage bags to the nearest landfill.

This was not the first activity to be held by ACT to clean the environment in Gaza. Previously, ACT Gaza and local volunteers worked together to clean up debris from a destroyed building on Alwehda Street in May. []