ACT Partners with JNE for Another Act of Kindness

In Pangandaran, generous alms were delivered to assist people affected by the pandemic. The action was a collaboration between ACT and JNE Tasikmalaya.

JNE Tasikmalaya
Donation handover from JNE Tasikmalaya to ACT is realized in a form of food assistance in Pangandaran. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PANGANDARAN – Amid the decline of the Covid-19 positive cases in Indonesia, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) doesn’t dampen the spirit of sharing from generous benefactors. This time assistance came from a collaboration with JNE Tasikmalaya, a collaboration that brings benefits to the community is here. Located in Pangandaran, the act of kindness targeted residents affected by the pandemic whose economy has declined due to the lack of tourist visits.

Humanity Rice Truck was deployed to support the action with JNE Tasikmalaya that was located at Pangandaran Regent Office. JNE’s Vice President of Marketing, Eri Palgunadi and Taufik Perdana from ACT West Java team and Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia attended the rice distribution produced by fostered farmers of Global Wakaf-ACT. The assistance was symbolically delivered to Pangandaran Regent, Jeje Wiradinata accompanied by Deputy Regent of Pangandaran, Ujang Ending Irawan, Friday (10/29/2021).

Eri Palgunadi said that JNE has been operating in Indonesia for 31 years with the spirit of sharing and in accordance with the principles established by the late JNE founder Haji Soeprapto Soeparno such as giving, helping, and loving. This is also JNE's commitment to always deliver happiness according to the tagline "Connectinghappiness".

"One of the joys we want to share is to help the community through food assistance for residents affected by the Covid-19 in Pangandaran," he said.

The total donation for the food program from JNE Tasikmalaya is worth IDR 50 million. In addition to hundreds of Waqf Rice packages from Humanity Rice Truck, thousands of masks, and hand sanitizer, humanitarian assistance from JNE Tasikmalaya was also implemented through the distribution of thousands of servings of meal packages from Humanity Food Truck.

Meanwhile, Taufik Perdana from ACT West Java expressed his gratitude for the partnership with JNE. The action in Pangandaran was not the first collaboration as before, ACT and JNE have partnered to carry out various humanitarian projects.

“Solving the current humanitarian problems can’t be done alone. It requires a joint power so that it can be done easily,” Taufik concluded.[]