ACT Provides Assistance for Fire Victims in North Jakarta

Fire has become a common disaster in North Jakarta. The situation has brought ACT to continue assisting the affected survivors through humanitarian programs supported by the benefactors.

Fire victims in North Jakarta receive humanitarian assistance from ACT. (ACTNews)
Fire victims in North Jakarta receive humanitarian assistance from ACT. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, NORTH JAKARTA – As a densely populated area, North Jakarta is prone to fire disasters. On May 9, 2021, fire burnt down houses in two RT in Kapuk Muara, Penjaringan. The disaster didn’t cause any fatality but left sorrow and material loss that has created a financial burden until now.

When the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) team visited the fire site on Wednesday (6/16/2021), there were still families who could not rebuild their houses. For the time being, they stay in a tent near the remnants of their houses.

One of the residents who was visited by the ACT team said that currently, the affected residents are working hard to gather money to rebuild their houses. It is easier for those who still have some remaining Eid allowance. However, it is different for others whose entire wealth had been burnt down.

Apart from Kapuk Muara, another neighborhood that suffered from a recent fire disaster is located on Jalan Pesanggrahan, East Pademangan. The fire that took place on Wednesday (6/16/2021) was suspected to have been caused by an electric short circuit. It burnt down about 50 houses that were inhabited by approximately 500 residents. The majority of the locals are underprivileged people, making the post-disaster recovery quite difficult.

“70 percent of the residents in RW 12 are casual workers. So, we are hoping for some assistance to be able to supporr the people affected by the disaster," said the Head of RW 12 Pademangan Timur, Fairuz.

Humanitarian Aid

Responding to the disaster that is prevalent in North Jakarta, ACT strives to assist the affected victims through humanitarian programs. In mid-June, staple food packages were distributed to the affected residents in Kapuk Muara and East Pademangan.

Harun Basalamah from ACT North Jakarta Program team said that the urgent needs including food supply, cleaning tools, and clothes would be distributed to the fire-affected residents. “This is our effort in solving the disaster that often happens in North Jakarta. This assistance is also supported by the benefactors. May Allah ease the burden of the victims in their recovery process,” he prayed.[]