ACT Provides Assistance for Pekalongan Station Porters Due to Lack of Passengers

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) distributed assistance to the porters in Pekalongan Station as a form of support to the station workers affected by the Emergency PPKM.

ACT distributes Food package assistance to porters in Pekalongan Station.
ACT distributes Food package assistance to porters in Pekalongan Station on Wednesday, (7/28/2021). (ACTNews)

ACTNews, PEKALONGAN – Emergency Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has caused Pekalongan Stations to lack passengers which declines the income of porters in the station. “Previously, there were more than 20 operating trains every day. Currently, there are only 6 operating intercity trains,” said Budi, Vice Chairman of Pekalongan Station.

This situation causes many porters to have no income from porting the passengers’ luggage. Therefore, they are forced to find side jobs to meet their needs.

Responding to the condition, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Pekalongan delivered assistance to the porters in Pekalongan Station on Wednesday (7/28/2021). In addition to staple food packages, the porters also received financial assistance from the benefactors’ donations through a campaign for porters on Indonesia Dermawan website.

ACT team distributes assistance to porters who can’t come to the station. (ACTNews)

“Our porter friends said that it’s like we are walking on a desert and get a drop of freshwater. I hope this assistance is not only for porters at Pekalongan Station but also in other areas,” said Ratmono, one of the beneficiaries.

Several porters couldn’t come to Pekalongan Station during the assistance distribution due to illness, doing other jobs, or had passed away. Therefore, the team also visited the porters one by one to send the assistance including Agus.

“On behalf of Pekalongan Station porters, thank you so much ACT. I hope ACT will always succeed and its journey will always be blessed by Allah SWT,” said the man who is now also a stone worker as a side job.

Adit from ACT Pekalongan Program team says that this assistance is not only targeted to Pekalongan station porters but also to porters in other areas. “In addition, Insha Allah we will also distribute assistance to other workers affected by the Covid-19,” said Adit.[]