ACT Provides Basic Aids as Flood Hits 6 Sub-Districts in West Kalimantan

Houses and public facilities are inundated, while villagers are cut off by flood.

ACT News, LANDAK – Heavy rainfall since Friday (6/7) caused flood in some areas in Landak Regency, West Kalimantan. According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Landak, six-feet flood washed away approximately 6 sub-districts in Landak Regency.

The Disaster Emergency Response (DER) - ACT team has assessed the affected areas and will distribute aids to hundreds of families in Landak Regency.

“Currently, we are preparing the aids, mostly food, which will be distributed tomorrow (6/13). We also raise donation so that more aids can be given to those in need,” said Amelian Dinisia of Program Team of ACT West Kalimantan, Wednesday (6/12).

She also stated that most of the victims still remain at their homes, considering it is best to secure their belongings despite the emergency. Meanwhile, others choose to move to their relatives’ houses for the time being.

“Most locals stay at the second floor of their house, as water level does not surpass the areas. Meanwhile, others whose houses are severely affected, move to their relatives’ houses which are slightly affected or even are safe from the flood,” Amelian said.

Most of the residents have taken precautionary actions as heavy rain came. They secured their belongings, considering flood could hit their neighborhood in any moment. Therefore, the damage caused by the flood could be reduced. However, flood claimed the live of one local.

“Indeed, one was found dead yesterday in Mandor Village. He/she was most likely swept away by flood. As for Mandor Village, the flood lasted only one day (6/8) before it receded on the next day,” Amelia said.

As water receded in Mandor Village, it does not appear so in other regions. According to the Regional Disaster Management Agency, since 9 June 2019, the water still submerges five sub-districts, namely Sengah Temila, Meranti, Air Besar, Kuala Behe, and Ngabang.

In addition, the data from DER-ACT team shows that the flood stops locals' routines. This can be seen in a market in Raiy Village, Ngabang Sub-district. As it is severely affected, no trading activities can be held. This effects local economy. Moreover, locals who are mostly workers in rubber plantation are unable to do their jobs during past few days due to the flood. []