ACT Provides Food Packages to Wamena Evacuees Sailing Home

A thousand food packages will fulfill the evacuees' needs as they sail to their hometowns.

ACT Provides Food Packages to Wamena Evacuees Sailing Home' photo
ACT team providing food packages to evacuees that were about to sail home. (ACTNews/Rofiq Bayu Samudra Mananna)

ACTNews, JAYAPURA - A ship to bring Wamena evacuees home sailed on Friday (11/10) from the Port of Sentani District, Jayapura. PELNI’s Dobonsolo Ship which carried thousands of people will drop the evacuees to several cities, namely Bau-Bau, Makassar, Surabaya, as far as Jakarta.

To meet the needs of the evacuees during the journey, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) provided food packages to the evacuees. Around a thousand packages of food were distributed they who were about to set sail.

"To continue assisting the evacuees until they are home, ACT gave them thousands of food packages to fulfill their needs during the trip because the trip takes days, "said Riski Andriani, one of the ACT National Coordinators for Wamena Humanitarian Tragedy.

Riski explained it may take up to a week to get to Surabaya. Riski hoped that ACT's food packages can meet the evacuee's food needs for the next few days.

The medical team is giving medicines to the evacuees before their departure. (ACTNews / Rofiq Bayu Samudra Mananna)

In addition to providing food packages, ACT also provided medical services at the port. Before they leave, the evacuees got their health checked.

"Because they have been displaced for quite a long time, we provided medical services to examine their health condition before sailing. The journey is going to be quite far. The evacuees who had illnesses were given medicines to improve their condition," Riski said.

This was not the first medical service for the evacuees. Previously, ACT has also provided medical services to residents living in evacuation camps, for example in the evacuee camp located at the Navy Base X Jayapura. On Tuesday (10/8), ACT medical team was also deployed there to check the evacuees’ condition.

They found out that many evacuees suffered from various diseases such as cough and hypertension. Exhaustion, malnutrition, illness history, and terrible living condition in the evacuation camp for quite a long time could be the factors that contribute to these illnesses. []


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