ACT Rebuilds Gaza in the Aftermath of Aggression with Waqf, Public Facility Reconstruction

After providing emergency assistance such as medical needs, food, and clean water, ACT with Global Wakaf will help Gaza through waqf programs such as house and mosque construction.

A Gazan child
Illustration. A Gazan child drinks Waqf Drinking Water produced by Lumbung Air Wakaf. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Israel's attack on Gaza has had a tremendous impact on its citizens. For this reason, ACT is still trying to distribute the best aid for the recovery of Gaza. In the previous phase, emergency assistance such as medical, food, and clean water had been delivered. Currently, ACT and Global Wakaf will intensify the reconstruction of public facilities in Gaza such as houses and mosques.

The ACT Palestine team has conducted an assessment of the houses and mosques that will be reconstructed. The construction will begin soon.

ACT also prepares long-term assistance through various waqf programs for Palestine. Lumbung Air Wakaf will provide waqf drinking water to thousands of Gazans. It will be built on 500 m2 land in the east of Jabalia, north Gaza. Lumbung Air Wakaf will be able to produce up to a thousand bottles of mineral water every day.

ACT Palestine will also provide waqf fishing boats for Palestinian fishermen. With the construction of boats still ongoing, this waqf program aims to empower families of fishermen on the coast of Gaza.

Other waqf programs for the empowerment of the Palestinians such as the provision of waqf carts and stalls for micro-enterprises in Gaza are still being carried out. Hopefully, the economy in Gaza will improve after being ravaged by the Covid-19 pandemic and Israeli Zionist attacks. []