ACT's Acts of Kindness and Generosity Reach Hundreds of Thousands of World Citizens Throughout Ramadan

ACT, in collaboration with benefactors, has provided the best possible assistance to 845,665 people in various parts of the world who are dealing with various humanitarian issues during the month of Ramadan.

humanitarian activities
Illustration. ACT organizes dozens of humanitarian activities for foreigners during Ramadan. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Ramadan 1443 AH has come to an end. During Ramadan, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Generous Friends, and volunteers performed many acts of kindness and humanity around the world. ACT carried out the benefactors' mandate to assist Muslim brothers and sisters who are facing difficulties in their home country.

ACT has made every effort to provide the best assistance, beginning with the food, clean water, health, and worship kit crises. As of Sunday (5/1/2022), 845,665 citizens from various countries had received assistance from benefactors such as through ACT.

"The actions taken were varied. It depends on the needs of our brothers and sisters there. We provided food assistance, Waqf Well construction, distribution of clean water through Mobile Water Tanks, Suhoor and iftar meal assistance, and distribution of Quran copies," said Andi Noor Faradiba from ACT's Global Humanity Network team on Monday (5/2/2022).

According to Andi, 12 countries have received aid during Ramadan. Among them are those for the Palestinians, and internally displaced people in Yemen, Syria, and Lebanon. Then there are the Rohingya people in Myanmar and Bangladesh, and Uighur refugees in Turkey.

"Palestine has the greatest number of actions and beneficiaries. During this Ramadan, the people there have faced many challenges, beginning with a lack of clean water, worsening poverty, and an increase in attacks carried out by Israeli Zionists," Andi stated.

Not only that, but humanitarian aid has also reached African countries, such as Somalia, Mali, Kenya, Ghana, and The Gambia. The distribution of Quran copies dominated assistance for the African community.

The ACT team distributes Quran copies to African Muslims. (ACTNews)

It is difficult for African Muslims to obtain the Quran. There, the number of Quran copies produced is limited. Hopefully, the distribution of thousands of Quran copies in Africa will increase Muslim recitation during Ramadan.

"We carry out these actions intensively during Ramadan. Thus, Muslim brothers and sisters in other countries who are in crisis can experience the joy of Ramadan alongside the majority of Muslims in Indonesia. Ramadan is a month full of blessings that should be celebrated joyfully by all people around the world," Andi stated. []