ACT’s Ambulance and Medical Team Provide Assistance in Anti-Blockade Protest

Ambulances from benefactors and the medical team from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Palestine came to the Palestinian anti-blockade protest along the southern Gaza border. The medical team provided first aid to injured Palestinians after receiving repressive measures from the Israeli armed forces.

Ambulance from benefactors
The ambulance from Generous Friends takes care of residents affected by repression from Israeli forces. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA– A peaceful rally along the southern Gaza borderline to the east of Khan Younis city, in condemnation of the Israeli 14-year-old blockade in Gaza,  faced many disturbances from the Israeli armed forces. Based on a report compiled by ACT’s Global Humanity Response (GHR) Team, Israel troops tried to disperse the demonstrators with repressive measures.

WAFA correspondent reported on witnesses saying Israeli soldiers stationed at watchtowers along the borderline area to the east of the Gaza Strip fired a barrage of tear gas canisters toward the rally, causing at least three people to suffocate. They were treated at the scene. The Palestinian Ministry said 14 residents were injured due to the repressive actions of the Israeli armed forces until Wednesday (25/8/2021) night.  

ACT team was also present at the location to join the struggle of the Palestinians. Two Ambulances along with several ACT Medical Teams were deployed to treat injured Palestinians. The ambulance was a pre-hospital type equipped with various medical equipment, making on-site treatment possible.

“The medical team on duty is also a team of trained professionals. Hence, they can safely and quickly treat the victims,” said Firdaus Guritno from the GHR-ACT Team.

Furthermore, Firdaus said that the ACT ambulances currently operating in Palestine were gifts from Indonesian benefactors. There are 11 units of ambulances, and this will increase again this year.

“This ambulance is very useful for the Palestinians because, as we all know, the Palestinians, especially in Gaza, are often attacked by Israeli Zionists. Almost every day, there are injured citizens due to Israeli atrocities. They need medical assistance quickly," explained Firdaus.

Hundreds of Palestinians protested demanding the loosening of the Israeli blockade on Gaza. The blockade has devastated Gaza's economy and triggered a rise in unemployment by up to 50 percent. The blockade has limited access to various commodities for the lives of Gazans. []