ACT's Efforts to Assist Covid-19 Self-Isolation Patients Continues

Now, COVID-19 self-isolation patients no longer need to worry about the difficulty of medical services. It is because ACT through Covid-19 Medical Careline Services continues to strive to assist patients until they are declared cured of Covid-19.

Medical Careline Services
The Covid-19 Medical Careline Services nurse provides medical services to Mr. DS, one of the Covid-19 patients in East Jakarta. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Ambulance of ACT visited the residence of Mr. DS (36) in Cibubur Village, Ciracas District, East Jakarta, on Monday (8/30/2021). Mr. DS is undergoing self-isolation on the tenth day, which is still complaining of various symptoms. ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services Team immediately checked his health condition.

“Mr. DS still complains of weakness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, coughing up phlegm, and no appetite. His oxygen saturation is 93-94 percent," said ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services nurse, Sodikun.

Sodikun said that ACT’s Covid-19 Medical Careline Services Team immediately provided medical services in the form of giving medicines, installing infusions and oxygen tubes to Mr. DS. "We will continue to monitor the patient's health condition until he is declared cured of Covid-19," said Sodikun.

Dr. Arini Retno Palupi, the Coordinator of Covid-19 Medical Careline Services ACT, revealed that ACT's Covid-19 Medical Careline Services continues to support people who need the best health services free of charge.

"Insha Allah, this is part of our effort in humanitarian action in the form of health services, both for Covid-19 patients or other diseases. We also thank you for your generous support," he added.

ACT’sCovid-19 Medical Careline Services is a telemedicine service without burdening the public with the cost of care or treatment. The service can be accessed by telephone at number 6221-2940-7165 every day from 08.00 a.m till 04.00 p.m Western Indonesia Time.[]