ACT's Efforts to Distribute Food Massively through Humanity Food Bus

The Humanity Food Bus from Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will soon be operating. This first food bus in Indonesia has five-star kitchen appliances that are ready to benefit people around Indonesia and produce delicious and nutritious dishes for free to those in need.

Humanity Food Bus
Humanity Food Bus from ACT distributes ready-to-eat meals to Indonesians. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, SEMARANG – As an update to the existing Humanity Food Trucks, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) built the Humanity Food Bus to increase the distribution of food aid. Humanity Food Bus's kitchen is equipped with sophisticated appliances.

"This is the first bus in Indonesia and the world to be used as a mobile kitchen with five-star appliances. This Humanity Food Bus is a refinement of the Humanity Food Truck 3.0 and 4.0. The exterior and interior of this new vehicle are also more exclusive," said Sutaryo as ACT's Humanity Food Bus Coordinator on Wednesday (6/23/2021).

This unit, which has an overall length of 12 meters, has many advantages, especially in its kitchen. With a width of 2.5 meters, cooks can freely move and do activities in the kitchen without the need to be huddled together. The Humanity Food Bus is also equipped with several additional technologies that can absorb the heat in the kitchen so that the cooks will not feel the heat while cooking.

“The Cooker hood that we have is not sold anywhere. We designed it specifically for the Humanity Food Bus. With this cooker hood, the smoke and heat from the cooking process in each unit are directly sucked in and discharged out. There is also a fan that circulates the air. It makes the kitchen of the Humanity Food Bus cooler,” said Sutaryo explaining one of the features of the Humanity Food Bus.

There are also tilting pans and grill pans. As explained directly by the chef from Humanity Food Bus, Joni Kusumahadi, the tilting pan is to maximize the boiling of the food while the grill pan will be used to maximize the grilling.

"We prepare these tools so that the food produced from the Humanity Food Bus will be more varied. For example, with the grill, we can cook steak, grilled chicken, and even make grilled mutton" said Joni who helped design this vehicle.

ACT also adds several new components to further facilitate meal production. For instance, there is a lifter on the right side of the bus that serves to lift heavy tools and supplies into the bus. "For example, if we want to replace the gas cylinder, the lifter will lower the empty gas cylinder and lift a new gas cylinder,” explained Joni.