ACT's Flats to Shelter Syrian Refugees in Al-Dana

ACT's Flats to Shelter Syrian Refugees in Al-Dana

ACTNews, IDLIB – Along years of our experience dealing with humanitarian crises throughout the world, we found that there are millions of people that are in need of our aid. The victims of the Syrian Civil War are among them. The crisis that has been raging for years has forced millions of Syrian civilians to seek refuge from the war to neighboring areas.

Though they are geographically far away from Indonesia, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will continue delivering the aid that has been trusted by Indonesian donors because we believe that the spirit of kindness transcends national and geographical boundaries. Earlier this year, ACT’s Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) was established in Reyhanli, a Turkish city located near Syria-Turkey border. It serves as a storehouse that not only stores but also supplies food items for the Syrian civilians, both the Internally Displaced People (IDP) and the Syrians staying along the Turkey – Syria border.

Not only providing food, ACT, along with local partners, is also building flats in the city of Al-Dana in eastern Syria. Al-Dana is a city that is still safe for the Syrians to live in.

Al-Dana is a part of Idlib governorate, located 38 kilometers west of Aleppo, bordering southeastern Turkey. Since recent 2017, Idlib was designated as a de-escalation zone and has been filled with Syrian IDP. Coming from outside Idlib, these IDP live in makeshift tents, wishing for a more decent place to live.

Firdaus Guritno of Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT stated that the construction of the flats in Al-Dana has begun since last August. “Alhamdulillah, in December, we have reached the last phase of the construction of the buildings that are divided into several flats, each is 54 m2 wide,” explained Guritno.

One of the architect that takes part in the construction, Adil Al-Sheikh, said that each block consists of three floors and each floor consists of four flats for four families. Additionally, a mosque that is able to hold 800 worshippers will also be built. Four school buildings for different levels of education will also be added.

“We are striving to survive amid harships, so we try to build a safe and comfortable place for the refugees to live similar to the place in which they use to live before the war,” added Al-Sheikh.

Providing comfortable houses is also one of ACT’s main programs for Syrian refugees. Therefore, the flats will also be built like proper houses, consisting of bedrooms, kitchens and restrooms. Moreover, each block will also be equipped with public facilities like a storehouse, office, and clinic.

“We know that they have been living uncomfortably in tents with lack of privacy because they often have to share the tents with other families. ACT hopes that the flats will at least bring safety and comfort of home to refugees in Al-Dana,” said Guritno.

With the advance of winter, the flats are expected to be able to protect the refugees from the freezing cold.

“Hopefully, the efforts that have been done will bring benefits to many, not only those who are close to us, but also those located thousands of kilometers away,” concluded Guritno. []



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