ACT’s Food Distribution Supports Gazans in the Aftermath of Military Attack

Hundreds of boxes of staple food packages weighing tens of tons were distributed to underprivileged residents in Gaza. The food distribution benefitted thousands of residents in Gaza from north to south in an effort to assist the people of Gaza after the Israeli aggression in May.

food aid gaza
Food packages from Indonesian benefactors handed over to the Palestinians in need. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – For four days, from September 6 to 10, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Palestine distributed tons of staple food packages funded by the generosity of the Indonesian people. Before being distributed, the staple food packages were stored in the Indonesia Humanitarian Center (IHC) to be packaged.

Each box weighs approximately 25 kilograms and contains various foodstuffs, including rice, salt, sugar, oil, meat, cheese, nuts, and chili sauce. More than 4,000 impoverished Gazans received these foodstuff packages.

"The distribution covered areas in Gaza, from Zitoon and Almoghraqa areas in Gaza City, Beit Lahia in North Gaza, Dair al Balah, Al Nagma in Rafah, to Bani Sohila in Khan Yunis. The food packages were delivered directly to their doors by ACT volunteers in Gaza," reported Said Mukaffiy from Global Humanity Response - ACT, Thursday (9/16/2021).

The foodstuff distribution aimed to restore the lives of the Palestinians in the aftermath of the military aggression in May. As a result of this attack, many Palestinians were killed. In addition, many public facilities were damaged, and many of them are left unrepaired to this day.

"The majority of Gazans still rely on assistance from outside parties to be able to simply eat. Their property was lost in the attack, making it difficult for them to buy food. In fact, there are many large families with many children in Gaza. Hence, the need for food becomes very urgent,” concluded Said.