ACT's Humanitarian Vehicles Serves Poor Families in West Jakarta

The Humanity Rice Truck, Pre-Hospital Ambulance, Waqf Drinking Water fleet, and the Humanity Food Truck were launched to Semanan Village, Kalideres Sub-District, West Jakarta. These humanitarian vehicles served the community during the launching of the SKPI program.

ACT's Humanitarian Vehicles Serves Poor Families in West Jakarta' photo
A volunteer from Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) West Jakarta preparing a meal package from the Humanity Food Truck, Friday (2/7). Humanity Food Truck 3.0 became one of the vehicles that were deployed during the soft launching of the SKPI program for the community in the Semanan Village, Kalideres, West Jakarta.

ACTNews, WEST JAKARTA - Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s humanitarian vehicles served the beneficiaries in Semanan Urban Village, Kalideres Sub-District, West Jakarta, Friday (2/7). The humanitarian vehicles who came to Semanan were the Humanity Rice Truck, Pre-hospital Ambulance, Waqf Drinking Water Truck, and Humanity Food Truck 3.0.

Eka Setiawaty, Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s Program Manager said that that the presence of the humanitarian fleet is related to ACT programs. "This is one of them, this massive truck, is the Rice Truck," Eka said, introducing the Humanity Rice Tuck which was parked behind the tent for the attendees. The Humanity Rice Truck was the main star of that event, the soft launching of the Friends of Indonesian Underprivileged Families (SKPI) program.

Parked beside the Humanity Rice Truck was the truck that carried the Waqf Drinking Water boxes that were distributed that Friday "We have a waqf-based drinking water company, a mineral water company that is powered by community waqf funds throughout the world. This drinking water is distributed for free to the community, "Eka continued.

Bayu, as the Semanan village chief, took the rice from the Humanity Rice Truck during the initial launch of the Friends of Indonesian Underprivileged Families program in Semanan Village, Kalideres District, West Jakarta, Friday (7/2).

Humanity Food Truck 3.0 was also deployed to serve thousands of packages of meals. The mobile kitchen is capable of cooking up to 2,000 food packages in one go. This is one of ACT's flagship vehicles that has just finished assembling and testing in Magelang, Central Java.

Also deployed during the event was ACT medical team along with the Pre-Hospital Ambulance that also served the local residents. Most of the patients who came to be treated by the team were the victims of the flood happening earlier this year in January. Some of them suffered from shortness of breath and flu.

With this Humanitarian vehicles, Eka hopes that the public will get to know ACT better, and ACT can serve the community better in various aspects of humanity. "Humanitarianism can take various forms. It deals with not only natural disasters but also social disasters. Poverty is caused not only by poverty but also by many factors that cause us to need each other. Here, we are helping each other," she explained. She hoped that the presence of humanitarian vehicles will also encourage people to help. []