ACT's Humanity Food Truck Serves Delicious Packages for Palu

ACT's Humanity Food Truck Serves Delicious Packages for Palu

ACTNews, PALU – A month after the earthquake, tsunami and soil liquefaction that hit Central Sulawesi, the streets of Palu was still filled with tents. Many of the evacuees were too afraid to go back home. Many of the houses suffered from damages caused by the disasters: collapsed roofs, fissured walls, even many of these houses were totally destroyed by the tsunami that smashed several areasi in Palu.

Palu was still in need of help. Food was dwindling inside the evacuation tents. There was no decent food that the evacuees can cook and eat. At times, they had to rely on some hot water and instant ramen for them to survive.

In Aksi Cepat Tanggap’s post in Western Palu, many of the people who came there said that they were in need of basic supplies. They told us that they had no other choice but instant noodles for them to eat every day.

Responding to the crucial need of proper nourishment, Humanity Food Truck (HFT) came to serve nutritious food for the evacuees. The HFT had operated for a week after its arrival at Central Sulawesi through the second Humanitarian Ship on Sunday (10/21).

Since its arrival, the truck had parked on Jalan Kartini, near ACT Central Sulawesi’s Branch Office.

Palu was the first area in which the food truck operated. In the initial phase, HFT – ACT distributed approximately 1,000-1,500 meal packages every day. The packages were distributed to locations around the town center, and some of it were distributed evacuation sites in suburban areas of Palu.

On Wednesday (10/31), the meal packages cooked by HFT – ACT were distributed to several evacuation sites in Palu by smaller vehicles. According to Kusuma Hadi, known colloquially by his colleagues as Chef Johnny, the leading chef of the HFT, the meals were to be distributed for evacuees in Lasoani and South Lolu Villages in East Palu. The meal packages also reached Petobo Village, South Palu.  

Chef Johnny explained that, during its first week in Palu, the HFT had not been able to move further from the town center. There were a number of considerations to take.

“Palu is vast. We have not found suitable locations for the truck to park. We will need a large space and enough clean water to cook the food,” the chef explained.

Five-star food for evacuees

In terms of taste, HFT-ACT is known for its delicious dishes. These tasty dishes were savored by a number of evacuees in Duyu Village, Palu.

On the first day of its service in Palu, HFT – ACT visited the open field on which the Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) compound was being built in Duyu Village, West Palu, Central Sulawesi, Thursday (10/25).

Chef Johnny stated that the HFT – ACT visited Palu for the first time to provide free, delicious, nutritious meals.

“That day, on the site if the ICS in Duyu Village, we cooked 500 meal packages for the evacuees. We cooked several dishes such as rice, black pepper chicken, egg dish and vegetable,” said Chef Johnny.

ACT’s delicious dishes filled the bellies of the evacuees in Duyu. Sarjan (64) and Anugerah (7), a father and son in Duyu, expressed their gratefulness to be able to savor delicious and nutritious meal. After a month living in a tent, Sarjan admitted that he had only been eating instant foods.

“Alhamdulillah, I am happy to be able to eat such delicious food. It is wonderful. It tastes great because it was cooked by a chef. It tastes like food from a five-star hotel. Thank you, ACT,” said Sarjan.

Anugerah devoured the food packages he received from ACT heartily. The egg was finished only in two bites. After that, he chomped his way through the piece of chicken.

After a week in Palu, ACT’s Humanity Food Truck will visit several evacuation camps in Palu, Sigi and Donggala. “Insha Allah, on the first weekend of November, on November 3 and 4, Humanity Food Truck will be at the groundbreaking ceremony of the ICS in Sigi Biromaru,” concluded Chef Johnny. []



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