ACT’s Medical Service Prevents COVID-19 in Klaten

As COVID-19 begins to spread in Indonesia, ACT Solo starts providing health counseling in a number of areas including Klaten, Central Java.

Medical examination by MRI Klaten Medical volunteer. This activity was part of the efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to educate the local community. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KLATEN - Responding to the outbreak of the COVID-19, ACT Solo along with Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) held free medical services and sprayed disinfectants at the Al-Furqon Mosque Seyegan, Klaten, on Sunday (15/4). The event aimed not only to provide free medical services, but also serves as a way to educate the community about to Covid-19.

The activity that began with a counseling about COVID-19, educating local residents about the spread of the virus. Volunteers also invited the community to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They were advised not to panic and be wise in taking action to prevent COVID-19.

ACT Solo Branch Manager Septi Endasmoro said the action in Klaten was a way to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. "The locals were also very enthusiastic about this action. They flocked to get their health checked," he explained.

Furthermore, he added that ACT Solo as a humanitarian agency strived to take part in responding the COVID-19 outbreak. With the regular medical program, ACT seeks to prevent transmission of the corona virus, especially in Solo Raya through the ACT Solo branch office.

"In Karanganom Subistrict, Klaten, there were four mosques in which we sprayed disinfectant liquid," Septi added, Sunday (3/15).

A similar activity was also done by ACT East Java. On Tuesday (3/17), along with several other humanitarian agencies, ACT East Java provided medical counseling and sprayed disinfectant liquid at Surabaya's Al-Akbar Mosque. This step was taken to reduce the risk of the spread of the Coronavirus in Surabaya. "We also invite community groups, institutions or schools to invite the ACT team to give health counseling at their place," said Dipo Hadi as Head of the ACT East Java Program team. []