ACT - Shopee Collaboration to Help Rebuilding Lombok

ACT - Shopee Collaboration to Help Rebuilding Lombok

ACTNews, JAKARTA – Shopee, a Southeast Asian e-commerce company, collaborated with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) for the second time in helping Lombok earthquake victims. On Monday (9/12), Shopee launched a program named “Shopee Stands with Lombok” to support Lombok recovery and rehabilitation.

Rezki Yanuar, Shopee Country Brand Manager, stated that Shopee had contributed in raising funds for Lombok during the emergency phase. At that time, Shopee channeled the aid through ACT. Therefore, “Shopee Stands with Lombok” was the continuation of the previous program during the transitional phase from emergency to post-disaster recovery phase.

“Shopee is strongly committed to improve the life quality of all Indonesians and determined to take part in supporting and helping all people who were affected by Lombok earthquake to rebuild their lives back to normal,” said Yanuar.

ACT Vice President, Rini Maryani, stated that ACT’s contribution is “Shopee Stands with Lombok” program is an immense capital to invite more Indonesians to assist the people of Lombok to recover so they can once more live a normal life.

“Lombok is Indonesia. The post-earthquake problems that affect Lombok are our mutual responsibility, and it involves a lot of parties to solve them. Shopee has done a wonderful job in initiating this program. Let us all work hand in hand. Show that Lombok is not alone,” said Maryani.

Maryani also explained that the transition from emergency to post-disaster recovery phase is very crucial. With almost 90% damage, the people need much time to recover. For this reason, ACT is enthusiastic to be able to collaborate with Shopee to help the people of Lombok survive and rebuild their lives.

“As I know, Shopee is one of e-commerce companies with the biggest and very active audience growth. Insha Allah, “Shopee Stands with Lombok” program will bring a massive impact to invite the public,” added Maryani.

The “Shopee Stands with Lombok” will be held for a month, from Monday (9/24) to Sunday (10/28). The Shopee customers can choose various donation packages starting from IDR 75,000 to IDR 150,000.

ACT has three donation packages on Shopee: clean water aid, temporary shelters and emergency aid. “We see the essence of togetherness here. We are sure that Shopee customers and ACT Friends have high sense of philanthropy. We hope that this program can be an alternative to facilitate them to give donations,” said Yanuar. []



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