ACT Socializes Productive Seafood Waqf to Acehnese

ACT continues to expand waqf-based community development to various regions. This time, it was socialized and ready to be implemented in Aceh.

Productive Seafood Waqf
Socialization of Productive Seafood Waqf to Acehnese. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, ACEH BESAR – ACT continues to strengthen the welfare of the community based on productive waqf. The goal is to encourage self-reliance and the economy of the community. Global Wakaf-ACT socialized the Productive Seafood Waqf to the residents of Ie Suum, Aceh Besar, Saturday (9/18/2021).

Residents from two villages, namely Ie Suum and Lamreh, attended this socialization. They will be involved in a work group-based community development program with productive waqf.

“Productive Seafood Waqf is an empowerment program from Global Wakaf-ACT that focuses on fisheries and marine product production and marketing. The goal is to improve the economy,” explained Rikar Maulana from ACT Aceh Program team.

This program was socialized in Aceh for the first time. In partnership with Global Giving, freshwater lobster and catfish seeds will be handed over to residents who receive assistance on Wednesday (9/22/2021). Currently, ACT will develop five ponds of Productive Seafood Waqf in the Barbate Integrated Waqf Area and two ponds in Seulah. Community working groups will manage each pond.

Afitrullah, Head of Ie Suum Village, says ACT has helped the community in Ie Suum many times. Hence, the new empowerment program will add to the enthusiasm of the residents.[]