ACT Solo Assists Residents with Three Tons of Waqf Rice

Three tons of Waqf Rice were distributed by ACT Solo through Free Food Operation to the people in need. The rice was supplied from Waqf Distribution Center as a storage warehouse for the harvest of fostered farmers.

Waqf Rice for Solo residents.
ACT’s vehicle brings the Waqf Rice from Waqf Distribution Center to be distributed to Solo residents. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, SOLO – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) continues to expand Free Food Operation to various regions. The program was an effort to overcome the pandemic impact which is yet to end. The distribution targeted underprivileged residents and daily workers as the recipients.

Solo became one of the distribution areas for Free Food Operation. At the beginning of September, three tons of Waqf Rice that were supplied from Waqf Distribution Center Jombang were distributed to three locations.

Branch Manager of ACT Solo, Muhammad Irfan said that one of ACT’s focuses in overcoming the pandemic impact was through the food sector which is supported by fostered farmers through Productive Agricultural Waqf program.

“The Waqf Rice that is distributed today was the harvest of farmers assisted by Global Wakaf. Therefore, Free Food Operation doesn’t only benefit the recipients but also the producers,” he explained.

The Principle of Darul Batul Ath-Thohiroh Women Islamic Boarding School, Pasar Kliwon, Surakarta, Habib Sholeh Al Jufri who received the Waqf Rice distribution from ACT Solo, says that the prolonged pandemic has a big impact on people's lives. Many people have lost their jobs which affects their economy and ability to meet their daily needs.

“We have to care for each other such as by giving charity to others in need," said Habib Sholeh.[]