ACT Solo Continues to Distribute Clean Water to Drought-Stricken Tirtomoyo

Unlike other parts of Indonesia that are currently already experiencing the advent of the rainy season, in Tirtomoyo, the locals are still experiencing water crisis to this day.

Residents of Tirtomoyo, Wonogiri, taking water from ACT Solo’s vehicle to their buckets. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, WONOGIRI – Unlike many areas in Indonesia that have entered the rainy season, with heavy rains that often lead to flooding and landslides, Tirtomoyo area of Wonogiri is still suffering from drought. Toward the end of October, many of the locals are still having difficulties getting clean water. They often have to rely on the spring that is located at the slope of the hill located around 1 kilometer away from the settlement area.

It is not easy to draw water from the spring. They would have to queue for some water. The spring is the only water source available for several villages. During the day, the women take their turn to draw water from the spring while the men’s turn is at night.

"We really need clean water here. Even though the rain has started to fall, we are still dealing with the water crisis, "explained Raji, Head of Sentono Hamlet, Tirtomoyo, Wonogiri, Tuesday (10/13).

When the rain falls, the locals’ water storages often get murky because the quantity is still not that much, and the water is not fit for consumption. Hence, they still have to rely on the spring.

In order to ease the impact of the water crisis, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo distributed clean water in mid-October. In total, 8,500 liters of water have been distributed out of 20,000 liters of water that ACT Solo plans to distribute.

The steep road to Tirtomoyo, Wonogiri. (ACTNews)

"People of Tirtomoyo currently need clean water assistance. However, the difficult access makes it difficult for water trucks to get to the area due to its hilly terrain,” explained Ardiyan Sapto of ACT Solo Program Department.

The road to the drought-affected hamlets is narrow and steep, with face turns that makes it impossible for big vehicles to traverse.

"Due to the difficult terrain, we did not use the Humanity Water Tank because the road is too narrow. We use a water reservoir that is carried by a small pickup truck. The SAR team and local volunteers also participated in the clean water distribution,” added Ardiyan.

In the Greater Solo area, there are still areas hit by drought. Hence, the locals really appreciated the clean water distribution. They hoped that it can be done regularly so that they don’t have to walk a long distance of spend some money for clean water.

"ACT Solo is still opening the opportunity for people to contribute to this program. Apart from the distribution of clean water, we also have a Waqf Well program whose benefit can last throughout the years,” explained Ardiyan. []