ACT Solo Distributes Water until the End of Dry Season

Drought is still going on in a number of regions, including Sragen, Central Java. Last weekend, ACT Solo distributed clean water to ease the burden of the locals so that they don't have to buy clean water.

ACT Solo Distributes Water until the End of Dry Season' photo

ACTNews, SRAGEN - Drought is still affecting Sragen Regency, Central Java. Rivers and other water sources dry up, making the availability of clean water for basic needs, agriculture, and the locals’ livestock increasingly scarce. The residents are forced to spend money to buy clean water whose price can reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah per tank.

To reduce the effects of drought which also badly affects the people's economy, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Solo distributed free clean water to the drought-affected residents. On Sunday (9/8), the residents of Ngargosari Village, Sumberlawang Subdistrict, Sragen, received 8,000 liters of water.

Coordinator of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Sragen Bahar Muzaid Kautsar said, since last July, the residents' wells began to dry up. The dryness of the residents' wells is due to the long drought that occurred since before Ramadan. "Before Ramadan, the rain intensity started to decrease. Even after Ramadan, it hasn't rained at all until today," Bahar said on Sunday (9/8).

To meet their daily water needs, the residents in Ngargosari Village must buy water. One tank is sold for IDR 85,000 to 100,000. This price is very expensive for the locals. Additionally, they can’t harvest their crops due to the drought.

Ardiyan from the ACT Solo Program Team said that, since last August, ACT Solo has regularly distributed clean water using Humanity Water Tanks to various locations affected by drought. In the first week of September alone, 80,000 liters of water were distributed. "The distribution of clean water will continue until the end of the dry season," he said.


ACT Solo itself distributes water to the Greater Solo region which includes several surrounding subdistricts. The distribution of clean water aims to alleviate the water crisis that afflicts the community. In collaboration with various parties, ACT initiates the Gerakan Nasional Indonesia Dermawan (Generous Indonesia National Movement), one of its activities is overcoming the drought.

Not only distributing clean water using Humanity Water Tanks. As a long-term solution to the drought, ACT also built waqf wells in several areas. In August to September, a number of waqf wells are being built in the Sragen and other cities. []