ACT South Kalimantan Sends Truckloads of Aid for Central Sulawesi

ACT South Kalimantan Sends Truckloads of Aid for Central Sulawesi

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) South Kalimantan dispatched an aid convoy for earthquake-affected people in Central Sulawesi. Three truckloads of humanitarian aid were dispatched to Trisakti Harbor on Tuesday (10/9) using trucks belonging to Indonesian Navy and Military Area Command 101 Antasari. The aid will be shipped to Palu using KN Kunyit Ship.

Program Coordinator of ACT South Kalimantan, Muhammad Ilyas mentioned that the aid consisted of rice, mineral water, groceries, snacks, medical supplies, diapers, sanitary napkins, tarpaulins, milk, blankets and clothes. “They were from people of Central and South Kalimantan that they donated through ACT since the opening of our humanitarian post on September 30,” explained Ilyas.

ACT South Kalimantan’s humanitarian post is located in ACT South Kalimantan branch office on Jl. Ahmad Yani KM 5.5, Banjarmasin. In an effort to provide the best aid, ACT South Kalimantan is open for 24 hours for people who want to donate. “We operate in shifts to facilitate everyone who wants to donate to the earthquake-affected people. It will be effective until October 30,” Ilyas added.

A humanitarian post for Palu, Sigi and Donggala was also set up at At-Taqwa mosque, Banjarmasin, located on Jalan Ahmad Yani KM 4.5. The chairman of the mosque board, M. Hasbi Asshidiq stated that the collaboration they make with ACT South Sulawesi is a collaboration of kindness to response the disasters that affected Central Sulawesi. “After we heard that ACT’s main humanitarian post is full, we offered them to store the aid here, and so the post was also set up here,” said Asshidiq.

“We have done similar activities to help our fellow Indonesians or to help the people of Palestine and Syria. We will keep opening the humanitarian post to facilitate the generosity of the donors. May this be helpful for our brothers and sisters afflicted with calamities,” he continued.

Of the three aid trucks, one carried aid that had been gathered in At-Taqwa Mosque. KN Kunyit departed in Wednesday (10/10). The ship will sail to Kotabaru to fetch aid packages that have been gathered in Kotabaru, then it will sail to Palu,” said Zainal, Senior Marketing staff of ACT South Kalimantan.

“This is the first shipping. Insha Allah, ACT South Kalimantan humanitarian post is open until October 30. We accept both cash and noncash donation,” Zainal continued.

The enthusiasm of the South Kalimantan people was quite high, as seen from the aid that has been flowing to ACT South Kalimantan humanitarian post. Until Wednesday (10/10) afternoon, cash and noncash donation have been profusely coming to ACT South Kalimantan office.

“For people of South and Central Kalimantan who want to donate for their brothers and sisters in Lombok and Central Sulawesi, please visit ACT South Kalimantan’s humanitarian post in Banjarmasin,” Zainal concluded. []



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