ACT South Sumatra Distributes Thousands of Masks for Local Residents

Aside from being a form of assistance, this action also aims to raise the awareness about the smoke haze.

ACT South Sumatra, MRI Palembang, and a number of partners distributed 2,500 masks for the people near the Palembang Fountain Roundabout (ACTNews).

ACTNews, PALEMBANG - The haze caused by land and forest fires (karhutla) is getting more intense, covering the city of Palembang and its surroundings. On Friday (9/13), the smoke that became thicker disrupted the activities of the local residents and harmed their health.

Responding to these conditions, ACT South Sumatra distributed 2,500 masks to the people of Palembang and Ogan Ilir, Friday (9/13). The mask distribution was done in collaboration with the Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia (MRI) Palembang, PWI for South Sumatra, Klinik Umat, PSC 119, Palembang Health Office, University Student Communities, and UNSRI Student Executive Board.

In Palembang, the mask distribution was held at the Palembang Fountain Roundabout. Aris from the ACT South Sumatera Partnership Team explained that the mask distribution that afternoon was a follow-up action from the previous mask distribution.

"In the last few days, a number of areas in Indonesia have been affected by land and forest fires, including South Sumatra. The smoke haze is getting thicker. In fact, we have also seen the smoke in Ampera and Musi 2 getting very concentrated in recent days, making it quite dangerous for motorists and drivers" explained Aris.

Aside from being a form of assistance, this action also aims to raise the awareness about the smoke haze. The harmful effects arising from the smog that gets inhaled may lead to Upper Respiratory Infection

The mask distribution will continue until the Air Quality Index (AQI) decreases. ACT South Sumatera aims to distribute thousands of masks to people affected by the smoke haze in South Sumatara..

"If things get worse, it is possible that we will open an Emergency Response Post on Palembang – Indralaya border. Therefore, we invite the community to jointly assist those affected by the haze. To participate, please channel your donations through BNI Syariah with the account number 66 0000 5505, in the name of Aksi Cepat Tanggap," Aris concluded. []