ACT Strengthens Collaboration with Poliban to Expand Kindness

ACT and the State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin (Poliban) continue their act of kindness. On Monday (6/14/2021), they met to talk about their next act of kindness for the community.

Director of State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin Joni Riadi and the ACT South Kalimantan team.
Director of State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin Joni Riadi (middle) and the ACT South Kalimantan team. (ACTNews/Gusti Fikri)

ACTNews, BANJARMASIN – Handling humanitarian issues requires a lot of support from various elements of the community, not only those who are prosperous if we unite to do it together. 

With this spirit, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) collaborates with various parties to solve social problems in the community. In South Kalimantan, ACT and the State Polytechnic of Banjarmasin have established a partnership for the betterment of society.

On Monday (6/14/2021) afternoon, ACT paid a visit to Poliban in North Banjarmasin. The Director of Poliban Joni Riadi said that the collaboration with ACT has been formed for a long time, including when Poliban donated assistance for flood victims in East Nusa Tenggara in April. "The collaboration has been going on for a while," he said.

Joni confirmed that ACT's presence in the community was very much needed, including during natural disasters and other humanitarian problems, especially with the involvement of Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia volunteers who further strengthen the humanitarian actions in various regions.

Joni continued that in the future, the strengthening of collaboration between Poliban and ACT will continue to be followed up so that there will be more people who benefit from generosity. "In conclusion, we will follow up and welcome this collaboration warmly," he added.

Meanwhile, the Branch Manager of ACT South Kalimantan Zainal Arifin hoped that the collaboration between ACT and Poliban would continue to be strengthened so that the fruit of collaboration with Poliban would benefit more people. "Insha Allah, this cooperation will continue to strengthen," hoped Zainal. In addition to domestic programs, ACT will also collaborate in supporting the global programs, including humanitarian aid for Palestine, with Poliban.[]