ACT Strengthens Humanitarian Collaboration with Uighur Diaspora

ACT will strengthen humanitarian collaboration by providing more massive aid for the Uighur communities in need.

Representatives from East Turkestan National Assembly visited ACT's office in South Jakarta, Thursday (11/28). (ACTNews/Satari)

ACTNews, JAKARTA - After inaugurating the Friendship Mosque of Indonesia and East Turkistan in Way Muli, Rajabasa, South Lampung, ACT held reception with the Uighur diaspora on Thursday (11/29) to strengthen humanitarian collaboration. In the meeting between the Chairperson of the ACT Board of Trustees Ahyudin and the Chairman of the East Turkestan National Assembly Seyit Tumturk, they discussed about assistance for the Uighur diaspora in Turkey.

Ahyudin as the Chairperson of the ACT Board of Trustees said he would strengthen the humanitarian collaboration by ensuring humanitarian actions for the Uighur diaspora who were in dire need. "As a result of the meeting between ACT and two Uighur figures from Turkey, Insha Allah, we will provide new assistance in 2020. There are four things that we will do to help our brothers and sisters (the Uighurs) in Turkey," he said.

Firstly, ACT will provide livelihood assistance to 1,000 Uighur orphans in refugee camps, especially in Turkey. Secondly, ACT will build an orphanage for Uigur refugees in Turkey like what ACT has done for the Rohingyas by building two five-story buildings. Thirdly, ACT will support the livelihood to one hundred Uighur teachers in the refugee camps who have been teaching and educating Uighur refugee children. Fourthly, ACT will provide 1,000 tons of food aid in 2020. Hopefully, this assistance will be enough for a thousand Uighur refugee families.

“We will carry out these four activities in January 2020, and we hope that what we will get as much support as possible from the Indonesian people," he explained.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the East Turkistan National Assembly (Uighur) Seyit Tumturk appreciated and thanked the Indonesian Government and people as well as the Turkish Government and people for helping the Uighurs. There are hundreds of thousands of Uighurs who have sought refuge in Turkey and need attention, especially in fulfilling their basic needs.

"In general, the Uighur community in Turkey is in good condition, but they still need special and personal needs, both for orphans, teachers, and Uighur communities in Turkey who reach tens of thousands, even over a hundred thousand. We accept the generosity of the Indonesian people and institutions in Indonesia, especially ACT," said Seyit.

Earlier this year, the East Turkistan National Assembly participated in helping the disaster victims in Indonesia, including the tsunami victims in Lampung. The aid from the Uighur diaspora for the tsunami victims through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has been inaugurated in the form of the Friendship Mosque, in Way Muli, Rajabasa, South Lampung. The presence of the East Turkistan National Assembly is inseparable from the concern of the Indonesian people for the Uighurs. []