ACT Tangerang Regency and Partners Provide Free Clinic for Tidal Flood Victims in Teluknaga

The tidal floods that often hit Kampungnaga District in Tangerang Regency cause a negative impact on the residents’ health. Many of them suffer from diseases that are caused by the stagnant water. For this reason, Aksi Cepat Tanggap Tangerang Regency Branch collaborated with various organizations to provide free medical care for the flood-stricken villagers.

free clinic
Medical services for residents affected by the Teluknaga tidal floods. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TANGERANG – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Tangerang Regency Branch along with various organizations held a free clinic for the residents of Lemo Village, Teluknaga District, Tangarang Regency, Sunday (01/16/2022) to help the locals who have been hit by tidal floods for almost a month. The floods affected 416 families in three RTs.

The flood not only disrupts their activities but also negatively affects their health because stagnant water often becomes a medium for the spread of diseases.

Muhammad Abdul Ghofur from ACT Tangerang Regency said most of the locals suffered from skin diseases due to the flooding.

"Seeing the conditions of the flood victims, ACT and various communities and organizations worked to provide free medical care.

The communities and organizations that were involved in this event were FBC, LKT, GB, Kombi, Sekolah Relawan, Sinergi Milenial, Desa Sehat & RN, Komunitas Biola Tangerang, Rumah Yatim, Komunitas Dongeng Indonesia, Jumat Sedekah Tangerang, and Relawan Pangkalan.

In addition to the free clinic, they also gave drinking water and meal packages to the residents as well as donations to orphans. The event also included entertainment such as a storytelling performance.

This event was met with a warm welcome from the locals. Yatno was one of them. He was grateful for the free clinic for the local residents.

“We really appreciate this youth event. We hope that may Allah reward the good deeds that you have done to us,” he said. []