ACT Tasikmalaya Continues to Expand Livable House Construction

After finishing the construction of 20 houses, currently, ACT Tasikmalaya is constructing 6 livable houses and preparing to begin the construction of eight other houses. The house construction is part of the Mobile Social Rescue program which has been running in Tasikmalaya and expanding to various regions.

Construction of a resident’s house by ACT Tasikmalaya.
Construction of a resident’s house by ACT Tasikmalaya. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, TASIKMALAYA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap continues to strengthen the act of goodness in Tasikmalaya and surrounding areas through the Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) program which includes various sectors; education, health, and housing through the construction of livable houses.

In the third week of June 2021, ACT Tasikmalaya is working on the construction of 6 livable house constructions whose recipients are the underprivileged elderlies. One of them is Umi (77), a woman who lives in Taraju, Tasikmalaya Regency who used to work as a farm laborer and lived in an uninhabitable stilt house with her child who suffers from a mental disorder and a grandson. Umi struggles to support her family in her old age.

"Alhamdulillah, thank God, everything is good and Allah has allowed me to get a nice house. May Allah repay your kindness with a better and bigger reward," Umi prayed for all the benefactors who have been involved in reconstructing her house.

Apart from the six houses that are under construction, there are other 20 livable houses that have finished construction. Meanwhile, the other eight houses are under the preparation phase of the construction.

“All the houses that have been built are the fruit of the community’s generosity which has been entrusted to the ACT Tasikmalaya. Insha Allah, in the future, there will be more uninhabitable houses to be renovated," explained Fauzi Ridwan from the ACT Tasikmalaya Program team, Wednesday (6/16/2021).

Fauzi added that before the construction, an assessment was carried out to ensure that the beneficiaries were really in need. “Because, in this program, we want to help those who really need it, thus there are several stages that must be passed before the construction begins. Hopefully, kindness can continue to be present in helping those who are waiting for a helping hand," said Fauzi.[]