ACT to Provide More Aid to the Uighurs in 2020

In 2020, ACT is committed to providing more aid to the Uighur diaspora, including scholarship, teachers' allowance, and food packages.

ACT to Provide More Aid to the Uighurs in 2020' photo
Chairman of East Turkestan National Assembly Seyit Tumturk (left) receiving a souvenir from the Chairman of ACT Board of Trustees Ahyudin, accompanied by a Member of ACT Board of Trustees Syuhelmaidi Syukur.

ACTNews, JAKARTA - Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) will provide assistance to 1,000 Uighur orphans by 2020. This idea was conveyed by Chairman of ACT Board of Trustees Ahyudin during a reception to welcome two Uighur figures, Thursday (11/28) at ACT's head office in Jakarta.

Ahyudin said the addition of the aid for the Uighurs in 2020 is a tangible manifestation of the humanitarian friendship between ACT and the Uighur National Assembly. The assistance will be provided in the form of livelihood support and orphan houses for Uighur orphans in Turkey, as well as financial allowance for Uighur teachers. "One way to save the Uighur generation is through education. ACT will support 100 teachers. Insha Allah. ACT will also provide food, "explained Ahyudin.

Ahyudin explained, humanitarian diplomacy is an initiative that can be carried out by ACT as a humanitarian agency. "ACT as a humanitarian institution, provides support in the form of humanitarian assistance. Hopefully, this assistance can be a life-support for our Uighur brothers, and prove that the Indonesian nation is a nation that upholds humanitarianism, "explained Ahyudin.

So far, ACT has provided several kinds of aid to the Uighur diaspora and orphans, starting from qurbani packages, scholarships, living expenses, education aid, and food. In 2019, there were 30 aid distribution programs for the Uighurs initiated by ACT.

"The assistance that we have provided for the Uighurs throughout 2019 included winter assistance, food assistance and Muslim clothing for the Uighurs in Turkey, as well as educational assistance for a number of Uighur children who went to school abroad," explained Firdaus Guritno from the Global Humanity Response (GHR) – ACT team.

Chairperson of the Uighur National Assembly Seyit Tumturk welcomed this noble initiative. Tumturk was amazed when millions of Indonesians held a protest to support the Uighurs in front of the Chinese Embassy in Jakarta last year. He further hoped that the Indonesians can support the struggle of the Uighur, and supporting the Uighur future generations. "The (Uighurs) children experience a lot of pressure, so they live not in a very good condition," Tumturk admitted.

According to Tumturk, 35 million Uighur diaspora are found across Kazakhstan, Uzbekhistan, and surrounding areas. "But they experienced a lot of problems, such as the limitations of their rights," concluded Tumturk. []