ACT West Pasaman Gives Assistance to Radia Tono’s Family

Radia Tono (47) was a patient treated by MSR-ACT. The ACT team was raising funds for Radia to recover from his illness. Unfortunately, Radia passed away. Therefore, the collected funds were distributed as condolences money.

ACT West Pasaman
ACT West Pasaman hands over condolence money to Radia Tono’s family. (ACTNews/Agusriadi)

ACTNews, WEST PASAMAN – Accompanied by the Head of Jorong Pondok, Sasak Ranah Pasisie District, West Pasaman Regency, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) handed over condolence money from Mobile Social Rescue (MSR) program to the family of the late Radia Tono in the third week of August. This donation came from benefactors who had channeled their money through ACT Pasaman Barat.

The disbursement of these funds was earlier than the planned schedule because Radia Tono, who was a patient treated by MSR-ACT West Pasaman, passed away. Hence, the collected funds were distributed as condolence money and to help the economy of his family.

“We have done our best to raise funds for the late Pak Radia Tono to help his medical expenses. Unfortunately, it seems Allah loves Mr. Radia more. The collected funds will be handed over to his heirs as a form of support, pay his debt, and capital for improving the economy of his family, "explained Gatoet Kesuma, Branch Manager of ACT West Pasaman.

Radia Tono (47) had been blind for 13 years and had swelling in his neck that made it difficult to move, eat, drink and talk. Radia once received a medical examination in Padang City with funds from family and neighbors’ contributions. His family still does not know what disease he suffered, so the family said that the condition was caused by a tumor.

Unfortunately, limited costs prevented Radia from getting advanced medical assistance. Radia had only relied on help from family and neighbors. Radia only consumed milk given by benefactors to fulfill his nutrition.

“I find it hard to swallow milk because it hurts. However, I still try to drink it because it is given from the contributions of the people around me,” said Radia to ACT team before his death.[]