ACT Yogyakarta Carries Out Humanitarian Programs During Activity Restrictions

Since the activity restrictions were imposed, many have been dealing with financial difficulties. To help the affected residents fulfill their daily needs, ACT Yogyakarta has carried out several programs. Later, the humanitarian programs will also reach sellers along Malioboro Street whose income has been severely affected by the restrictions.

porters at lempuyangan station
Free Food Operation for porters at Lempuyangan railway station, Yogyakarta. (ACTNews)


ACTNews, YOGYAKARTA – The Indonesian government has extended the community activity restrictions (PPKM) until August 9, 2021. Sadly, the policy that aims to curb the spread of COVID-19 has had a severe impact on the livelihood of the community. ACT Yogyakarta is committed to helping people affected by the pandemic by carrying out humanitarian programs since July 2021.

Among the programs that have been implemented is the Free Food Operation and Free Meal Operation for residents who are self-isolating, porters at railway stations, underprivileged residents, and healthcare workers. ACT Yogyakarta has also handed out hygiene kits to health workers at several Yogyakarta hospitals.

“From July 3 to August 3, ACT Special Region of Yogyakarta has distributed 300 staple food packages to people who are self-isolating, 500 meal packages to healthcare workers and self-isolating residents, and hygiene kits to hospitals and Covid-19 quarantine shelters," said Danang Nur Hidayat of ACT Yogyakarta program team.

ACT Yogyakarta's humanitarian action will expand to reach sellers along Malioboro Street. Formerly a center of tourism, the street has been closed, and many of the sellers have been raising white flags as a form of surrender.

“As we know, during the PPKM, markets and sellers that sell non-essential goods have been forced to close including in Malioboro Market. As a result of the PPKM extension, the sellers have been raising whote flags as a sign of surrender. For the initial phase, Insha Allah, we will distribute 1,000 staple food packages to the sellers," said Danang.

Danang invites the public and donors to work hand in hand to help residents who are struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic is a national problem that must be solved together. With mutual cooperation, big problems become easier to solve. []