Additional Mobile Water Truck to Support Water Distribution in Gaza

In Gaza, ACT's Mobile Water Tanks have distributed thousands of liters of clean water to underprivileged families there. However, this effort has not been able to distribute water to all parts of Gaza. For this reason, ACT is trying to activate additional vehicles to overcome the clean water scarcity.

Mobile Water Tanks
Mobile Water Tanks in Gaza distribute free clean water. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, GAZA – Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) strives to end the clean water crisis that has been afflicting the Palestinians for a long time, especially in Gaza. Mobile Water Tanks have been operating in Gaza for a long time. Thousands of liters of clean water have been distributed to Gazan residents. Unfortunately, the water distribution has not been able to reach all parts of Gaza. Therefore, ACT is currently working on the activation of additional Mobile Water Tank units to supply water throughout Gaza.

There are two units of Mobile Water Tank ready to enter the workshop. When the modification finishes, there will be three water trucks operating in Gaza. These Mobile Water Tanks can reach more people who need clean water in the five governorates in Gaza: Rafah, Khan Younis, Deir Al Balah, Gaza City, and North Gaza.

“The three Mobile Water Tanks in Gaza are the fruit of the generosity of the Indonesian people. Each of the Mobile Water Tanks has a capacity of 6,500 liters. With this new unit, more than 2.5 million liters of clean water will be distributed to Gazan residents each month," explained Firdaus Guritno from the Global Humanity Response-ACT team, Monday (6/21/2021).

Each Mobile Water Tank is equipped with facilities for water distribution, such as pumps and large water hoses. The Palestinian volunteers will operate these tanker trucks.

Clean water is an urgent need in Gaza. Based on data compiled by Global Humanity Response-ACT, 95 percent of the water in Gaza is unfit for consumption. Now, after 11-days attacks last May, 800,000 people in Gaza have lost access to clean water from their pipelines after Israeli warplanes damaged almost 50 percent of the water pipeline.[]