Adian Husaini: Freedom of Palestine is the Mandate of Our Constitution

Adian Husaini: Freedom of Palestine is the Mandate of Our Constitution

Adian Husaini: Freedom of Palestine is the Mandate of Our Constitution' photo

ACTNews, JAKARTA – There’s a strong historical bond between Indonesia and Palestine, as stated by the Chairman of Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia (DDII) Adian Husaini in his lecture during an event entitled “Sharing with the Master” held in Jakarta, Thursday (3/28).

Husaini mentioned that, apart from historical reasons, the independence of Palestine is the mandated by our constitution, as written in the preamble of Indonesia’s 1945 Constitution that “colonialism must be abolished in this world as it is not in conformity with humanity and justice.”

Indonesia has been actively supporting the independence of Palestine for decades since the Bandung Conference. “For us Indonesians, supporting the Independence of Palestine is the mandate of our constitution. We have to remember that we are the nation who initiated the Bandung Conference in 1955,” said Husaini. He further mentioned that in the Bandung Conference, President Soekarno voiced the support for Palestine that echoes to this day.

He added that the people of Indonesia strongly oppose colonialism and Zionism, the ideology on which the state of Israel is established. The Indonesian Foreign Secretary at that time, Roeslan Abdulgani, stated in the conference that Zionism is the evilest form of colonialism in this modern age.

Not only the official support from the government, the support from the Indonesian society is also essential. “So far, the Indonesian society has been in unison in supporting Palestine. We stand against the Zionist occupation on the land of Palestine. It is an oppressive act because they not only occupied the land but also drive off its residents,” said Husaini.

Supports in all aspects

The support for the independence of Palestine must include all aspects, including humanitarian, diplomatic and intellectual support. Husaini appreciated ACT’s initiative to send another Humanitarian Ship for Palestine that will sail in April 2019.

“This is an extraordinary initiative because the procedure for the delivery of aid to Palestine is not easy. It is something very creative and essential. Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are in need of basic needs like staple food,” said Husaini, who is also the Director of At-Taqwa Islamic Boarding School. The aid delivery, Husaini added, is important to uplift the morale of the Palestinians who are at the forefront of the struggle.

Husaini also mentioned that the support for the Palestine can also be in the form of improving our own quality as a nation, especially in the field of education and scientific research. “If our own nation is weak, we cannot help our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Our nation must be strong and exemplary,” he said.

Husaini studied Zionism and proposed a dissertation on the development of Jewish fundamentalism and its influence on the peace process in Palestine. However, he is not able to continue his research. “We have to have at least one doctor on Judaism. The struggle to liberate Al-Aqsa is not an easy work because it deals with the world’s current major powers,” said Husaini. []



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