ADM Shanghai Distributes Food Packages for Tempeh Makers Affected by Pandemic

Helping impoverished communities and tempeh producers affected by the pandemic, ADM Shanghai distributed hundreds of food packages in Tangerang City.

food packages
People bring food packages from ADM Shanghai and ACT. (ACTNews/M. Ubaidillah)

ACTNews, TANGERANG – The pandemic has reduced the turnover of homemade tempeh makers drastically. They cannot even meet their food needs. ADM Shanghai, a multinational company engaged in the soybean industry, provided food packages to home-based tempeh makers in Indonesia.

In collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap, this time the food aid was given to tempeh makers and impoverished communities in Kenanga Village, Cipondoh District, Tangerang City, Friday (10/29/2021).

One of the tempeh producers who received the food package, Muhammad Abdul Basir, expressed his gratitude to ACT and ADM Shanghai for paying attention to the fate of the tempeh maker. This assistance can support Basir's needs over the next few weeks.

“Hence, I can save the profit. Food aid from ADM Shanghai and ACT can meet my family's food needs. Alhamdulillah and thank you," said Basir, Friday (29/10/2021).

Besides Basir, another recipient of the food package, Tarmi, also expressed her gratitude. It was the first time Tarmi had received food package assistance during the pandemic.

"During the pandemic, I fulfill the family's food needs from the profit from selling," said Tarmi after opening the food package she received.

In addition to Tangerang City, the distribution of food packages for ADM Shanghai with ACT was also carried out in Sidoarjo, Serang, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Tangerang City, Bandung, Tegal, Ponorogo, Gresik, Pasuruan, Malang, and Banyuwangi.[]