Afghan Refugees in West Jakarta Direly Need Assistance

Afghan refugees living in Kalideres, West Jakarta, have lived in deprivation for years. They lack access to clean water and sanitation. Their suffering is only made worse by their unmet need for proper medical treatment.

afghan refugees
Afghan refugees in West Jakarta have been deprived of basic needs. (ACTNews/Rizki Febianto)

ACTNews, WEST JAKARTA – For years, Afghan refugees have taken shelter in the building belonging to the Indonesian Armed Forces’ Military District Command in Kalideres in West Jakarta. They live on assistance because they cannot work.

They have no access to proper housing and sanitation. Javed Mohammadi (21), one of the refugees, says there are only three toilets for hundreds of refugees. They have to stand in long queues to use the toilet.

“Just imagine how hundreds of people share three toilets,” said Javed when met by ACTNews in his tent, Monday (8/30/2021).