After Being Terminated, Ikhsan Tries to Sell Es Doger and Cilok

After being terminated, Ikhsan sells Es Doger and Cilok. He also has to return to his hometown in Kebumen in order to avoid the higher costs of living in Bogor.

After being terminated, Ikhsan sells Es Doger and Cilok. (ACTNews)

ACTNews, KEBUMEN — The Covid-19 pandemic hit a laundry staff named Ikhsan very hard. He was terminated from his previous job in Bogor and ends up selling es doger around. However, selling es doger in Bogor did not meet his own living costs and family expenses.  He had to return to his hometown in Karangpoh, Kebumen, Central Java. “ I returned back home to avoid expensive living costs,” said Ikhsan when met at his hometown in Kebumen, Monday (3/15/2021)

Upon arriving in his hometown, Ikhsan retried to sell es doger. Unfortunately, it did not help to boost his economy. Not wanting to give up, Ikhsan changed his business to sell cilok. He peddled his sales around the village with a cart. “So far, I have had to go around farther than usual, “ said the father of one child. Ikhsan wanted to increase his sales. But his plan was hampered by the lack of capital.

Supporting Small Businesses Affected by Pandemic

Seeing the thousands of micro-entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic, Global Wakaf-ACT issued capital assistance called Waqf for Indonesian Micro Businesses. Through the benefactors, micro-entrepreneur mostly small-scale traders received capital assistance as needed.

Fatiya from the Global Wakaf-ACT team explained that currently there are 1,746 small entrepreneurs who have been helped. This number is increasing along with the trust waqif through Global Wakaf-ACT. Global Wakaf-ACT invited generous people to support Ikhsan. “Let's support Pak Ikhsan in developing his business with the help of capital, the best waqf from the generous can be delivered through Indonesia Dermawan website or Global Wakaf-ACT,” said Fatiya. []